We have prepared a special type of bedding for older or injured dogs. VISCO orthopaedic mattresses are made of high-quality polyurethane foam that does not deform under the influence of prolonged pressure. Rest in such conditions will bring relief to your dog's sore muscles and joints. The Visco filling is 5 cm thick. An important parameter of this foam is its temperature sensitivity. As the temperature goes down, the foam will start to get harder, and as the temperature increases, the foam becomes softer. In the case of a mattress made of this foam, it adjusts to the shape of the body under the influence of temperature and the support surface increases. The key feature of "Visco" foam is its "slowness" with high shock absorption capacity. One of its main properties is very low flexibility, it has no elasticity. If you immerse your hand in the foam, a cavity will remain, which will gradually return to its original shape after a while. Due to these unique properties of Visco foam, mattresses made of it are also characterised by extraordinary properties. These mattresses increase the body support surface by up to 60% in relation to the support surface on a standard, hard mattress. Such a significant increase in the support surface causes that the pressure on each centimetre of the body supported by the mattress is significantly reduced. This causes the peripheral blood vessels of the body tissue to remain open, the blood to flow freely and there is good tissue oxygenation. Close, and even a significant limitation of blood flow in peripheral vessels makes the tissue hypoxic - this causes sleep discomfort, frequent waking up and changing position. In extreme cases, especially in bedridden dogs, pressure ulcers may form. 

The Visco products changes the way your pet rests and sleeps:

 Adjusts to the shape of the body,
 Provides perfect support and body position.
 Reduces pressure on the entire body surface.
 Relieves the spine, neck, hips and limbs.
 Reduces muscle and nerve tension.
 Improves the quality of rest.
 Positively affects health.
 Reduces pain by significantly increasing the comfort of sleep.
 Does not disturb blood circulation (it does not compress blood vessels).
 Relaxes the muscles of the whole body.

The foam is used in:

 Prophylaxis of spine diseases.
 Prophylaxis of rheumatic diseases.
 Bedsores prophylaxis (anti-bedsore).

Perfect for:

 Allergy sufferers (anti-mite and antibacterial cartridge).
 Dogs after surgery.
 Everyone: no contraindications for use.

* Our products are designed to create friendly conditions for the body and support preventive health care.